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Outdoor kitchen - from idea to a complete concept

There are many important factors that need to be considered when planning an outdoor kitchen, and the fact that there are several designs and types of kitchens to choose from does not exactly make the process any easier. To make it easier for you as a customer, we can help you transfer your idea to an image by creating a 3D model of the outdoor kitchen. A 3D model will help you visualize the finished result and give you the opportunity to adjust your order, without having to spend more time or money. We want to help you find an outdoor kitchen that matches your specific needs!

Once a decision has been made about where the outdoor kitchen will be placed, you need to start thinking about whether you want a built-in or freestanding kitchen. A built-in outdoor kitchen package contains: cupboards, doors, griddles and grills and etc. What all of these things have in common is that they are delivered one by one and can be built in optional material that can be combined to create an outdoor kitchen. A built-in outdoor kitchen gives you huge possibilities for customizing the kitchen according to your own needs and preferences. A freestanding outdoor kitchen on the other hand is delivered as a complete unit, which can be used right away. The modules are built together on the width and create a complete outdoor kitchen. Are you still unsure about the concepts? Read more about them in our buyer's guide.

Freestanding Steel outdoor kitchen

When you have decided whether you want a built-in or a freestanding outdoor kitchen, it is time to select a brand/supplier. If you are interested in built-in outdoor kitchens we have options from one brand: Myoutdoorkitchen. If you are more interested in a freestanding outdoor kitchen you can choose between alternatives from Myoutdoorkitchen and Steel. Do you need help deciding which brand is most appropriate for your needs? Feel free to contact us, and we will do our best toguide you!

To make it easier for you we have a few finished packages available for both built-in and freestanding outdoor kitchens. If you happen to prefer different measurements, more products or if you have a completely different vision of what you want, it is also possible to select the products on your own. If you choose to do this, we advise you to start your search by looking through our categories in the left hand column and enjoy the freedom of picking anything that fits you and your dreams. The only thing to keep in mind is that you need to pick products from the same brand.

Once a decision has been made regarding supplier and products, we will help you visualize your outdoor kitchen. We explain the process of creating a 3D model of your outdoor kitchen with four simple steps below. Questions and concerns can be addressed to our customer service team. They will be happy to help you.

Freestanding outdoor kitchen - drawing Built-in outdoor kitchen - drawing
Step 1 – What do you want the outdoor kitchen to look like?

To create a 3D model, we need a basic sketch of how you as a customer want the outdoor kitchen to be designed. Essentially, it is enough for us to find out about measurements regarding width and length as well as a short description of what types of products you would like. If you are able to provide us with a sketch as mentioned above, our ability to help you achieve exactly what you want will increase. If possible, please let us know where the products/modules should be placed. Also make a note on the sketch if the outdoor kitchen will be placed against a wall or similar. To obtain the most accurate result we also urge you to submit a photo of the area where the outdoor kitchen will be located.

If you are unsure about which products to choose or if you have any questions regarding placement, do not hesitate to contact customer service and we will help you find the right products for your outdoor kitchen.

SketchUp- utekök i 3D
SketchUp - Warehouse
Step 2 - The first transformation - SketchUp

Once we have received the sketch and the photo, our 3D graphic artists will use SketchUp to begin the first phase of transforming your sketch. SketchUp is a program which is free of charge where you can create your own outdoor kitchen as a 3D model by using a picture gallery with a wide range of 3D modules. This is the perfect tool for a creative person to develop a sketch and build their own outdoor kitchen. Those who have neither the time nor the desire to use SketchUp can leave this completely up to us! The program also makes it easy to take care of any changes or adjustments. While developing the SketchUp model we will have regular communication with you to ensure a satisfying result.

3D rendering 3D rendering
Step 3 - The second transformation - Rendering

When you are satisfied with the selected products and placements we will get started with the second phase - rendering. Our 3D graphic artists will now begin to add and render the products in the outdoor kitchen. This is an extensive process, but of great significance in order to get a result that reflects reality as much as possible. For this reason it is important to make sure that any changes and adjustments are corrected and that the transformed sketch represents the final version of the outdoor kitchen.

Färdiga resultatet Färdiga resultatet
Step 4 - The finished result - Environment and colour

Thanks to the drawing and the photo, our 3D graphic artists are now able to add the 3D kitchen to a similar environment as yours and they can complete the 3D model in Photoshop. This is the most aesthetic step and it can only be performed in some cases as it might be difficult to find an environment suitable for your exact image. We will contact you when the 3D model is finished.

If there is something that you are unsure of or would like to change - we are here for you during the entire process and we will help you with any questions or concerns!

Send your sketch and photo to:
02038 087703

We charge a fee of £ 50 to produce a 3D model, which will be refunded when you order an outdoor kitchen. You are more than welcome to send us your sketches!


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