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Indu+ is a Belgian manufacturer of mobile outdoor kitchens that maximise the sensation of freedom that comes with cooking in the open air. Versatile and free-standing units that are easy to place and combine to optimise your cooking experience in your garden, on your patio or other outdoor space.

Indu+ - Free-standing drinks trolley - Iceboy

Iceboy - a free-standing drinks trolley with a pull-out countertop and built-in ice well. Simply wheel the free-standing unit to where you want it in your garden, on the patio or outdoor space. An elegant and timeless design. The solid teak pairs with the matte black aluminium frame to create an organic appeal along with the benefit of low maintenance. The trolley is easy to place and is also a stylish piece of furniture for outdoors. With its pull-out countertop, it makes a perfect side table, kitchen island and drinks trolley. You can prepare and serve food on the generous worktop, keep your drinks chilled in the ice well, and lay a spread of tasty entrées or treat your guests to a delicious seafood buffet.

- Free-standing and easy to place wherever you need it
- Stylish and practical for entertaining guests outdoors
- Combine and use as a side table or kitchen island

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Indu+ - Free-standing grill trolley - Gazzboy

Gazzboy - the mobile outdoor kitchen that maximises your al fresco cooking experience! A highly-versatile free-standing outdoor kitchen that can be placed anywhere in your garden, on your patio or other outdoor space. Open-air cooking has never been easier! This outdoor kitchen features a unique two-in-one design with a gas grill and a fry top. Perfect for grilling, frying and boiling food at the same time! It offers everything you could expect of an outdoor kitchen: an extended countertop for extra workspace, a built-in knife holder and a practical drawer for storing grill utensils and accessories.

- A mobile kitchen that enhances the cooking experience
- Practical knife holder next to the grill
- Two-in-one design with a grill and fry top

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Indu+ - Free-standing worktop with sink - Arvid

A versatile, free-standing worktop with a sink and tap. Can be placed anywhere in your garden, on your patio or other outdoor space. Let your dream of an outdoor kitchen come true! Generous size worktop with access to a tap and running water, making it simple to rinse vegetables, wash hands and prepare food. The built-in knife holder keeps the work surface tidy, with utensils nice and handy. Get the best of both worlds by combining it with the Gazzboy grill trolley for a complete, free-standing outdoor kitchen ready to place wherever you want.

- Freestanding worktop on wheels
- Practical storage
- Elegant and timeless design

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