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Do not miss out on the chance to purchase a complete built-in outdoor kitchen for a very affordable price. These packages will create a very pleasant oasis in your backyard and will provide you with the perfect outdoor kitchen. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact our customer service team and we will help you find the appropriate package that will suit you best.

SunstoneMetal - Built-in outdoor kitchen - Tampa

Tampa - a smaller built-in outdoor kitchen from SunstoneMetal, with good storage for those looking for an intimate cooking experience outdoors. The stylish design in stainless steel gives a clean and modern finish that ensures the outdoor kitchen fits in any environment. The stainless steel is high grade which means you can grill all year round. This package provides 4 built-in products that include an LPG grill with 4 burners and infrared heat, water tap with cutting board, a stylish triple drawer unit and double door - Everything you need to create a personal and well-placed station, which is guaranteed to facilitate your cooking.

- Includes: 4 products
- I-shaped
- Overall width the whole package: > cm

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SunstoneMetal -  Built-in outdoor kitchen - Houston

Let your outdoor kitchen become the central area in your garden. Houston has a stunning design and features that will take your cooking to new heights. Prepare and serve your favourite cocktails directly in the outdoor kitchen. Let your guests just mingle or why not let them participate in cooking the feast together? Houston is a built-in outdoor kitchen from the American Sunstone Metal who offers exclusive and stylish stainless steel designs that allow you to grill all year around.

- Includes: 6 products
- L-shape
- Overall width the whole package: > cm

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SunstoneMetal - Built-in outdoor kitchen - Las Vegas

A luxurious outdoor kitchen in top class! Equipped with everything you might need for a complete kitchen outdoors. The products come in an elegant and stylish high-grade stainless steel design, which means you can grill all year round. The outdoor kitchen is perfect for those who want a lot of space and who like a well-organized work area when cooking. Are you a barbecue enthusiast and want to take your grilling one step further? Las Vegas is the outdoor kitchen that gives you the opportunity to experiment and be inspired by all the features that this package has to offer!

- Includes: 9 products
- U-shape
- Overall width the whole package: > cm

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