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Here you will find built-in cupboards with different designs for all preferences and tastes! We have cabinets for LPG gas cylinders, garbage bins, silverware, plates and much more. A built-in cupboard is very practical for your outdoor kitchen and is a nice addition to the overall appearance.


Myoutdoorkitchen Built-in - Triple drawer

Create storage space close to your grill! Triple-drawer module designed to be built in. Practical and stylish drawer with a stainless steel finish. Ideal if you’re looking for spacious storage space in one place. This roomy 58-cm-deep drawer provides ample space for keeping utensils, chopping boards, towels, spices and more.

- Stylish stainless steel design
- Triple drawer
- 304 stainless steel
- Spacious storage in one place
- Handy next to the grill

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Myoutdoorkitchen Built-in - Trash cabinet

A trash cabinet helps you keep your outdoor kitchen clean and uncluttered while you’re preparing and cooking meals. This built-in trash cabinet with slide-out stainless steel drawer and stylish features is an essential item in an outdoor space.

- Stainless steel with a beautiful, stylish finish
- Plenty of space for storage
- 304 stainless steel
- Keeps the outdoor kitchen clean and uncluttered

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