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Indu+ - Free-standing outdoor kitchen - Teppanyaki module - Arvid

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Indu+ - Free-standing outdoor kitchen - Teppanyaki module - Arvid

Cooking is an art that everyone can master. A teppanyaki grill plate gives you a generous cooking area at your free-standing outdoor kitchen for frying and grilling meat and vegetables like a professional! Crafted from solid teak with a matte white aluminium frame, the worktop has an elegant and timeless design with a built-in knife holder and practical storage drawer for a convenient cooking experience. The outdoor kitchen is easy to position and move to wherever you want to do the cooking in your garden, outdoor space or patio.

Entertain your guests with an impressive culinary display. This sleek teppanyaki grill plate features a dynamic LED display and 4 cooking zones with 9 heat levels that can be connected with the smart bridging function to create larger cooking zones. Frame and divider in granite, which is durable, temperature resistant and has a stylish appearance.

Product specifications:

• Material: high-quality teak with a matte white powder-coated aluminium frame
• Easy to place outdoors
• Worktop for preparing and serving food
• Drawer with soft-close guides for storage
• 4 wheels, 2 of which can be locked - easy to wheel into position and lock in place
• 1 built-in knife holder
• 1 teppanyaki grill plate
• Touch slider control
• 4 temperature zones with bridging function
• Teppanyaki frame and divider in granite
• 2 spatulas
• Protective cover included
• Weight: 105 kg

• Teppanyaki grill plate dimensions (Width x Length): 58 x 52 cm
• Complete module (Width x Height x Depth): 140 x 93 x 65 cm
Important to know! The wooden parts are untreated. To prolong the life of your trolley and maximise its performance,
follow the care instructions.

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