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Steel - Free-standing outdoor kitchen - Sicily

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Steel - Free-standing outdoor kitchen - Sicily

Italian Steel gives us an exclusive and modern outdoor kitchen of absolute top class. Sicily offers you everything you might need: An ultra-modern grill with four burners, a storage module with 3 drawers, a counter with 2 sinks and a fridge with wooden shelves - Invest in a high-quality outdoor kitchen in 100% stainless steel and make cooking a fun experience!

The Sicily package offers you a simple solution for an excellent outdoor kitchen. The package comes in straight form, which gives you a variety of options for how you can place your new outdoor kitchen. Fits just as well in a cramped environment as in an airy one and gives you the chance to create your very own oasis.

Italian Steel has been manufacturing top class outdoor kitchens for the world market since 1922. Robust, dynamic and detailed are three words that best describe Steel's product manufacturing. With its wide range, Steel has something for every home.

Every product made by Steel is unique and tailored to your needs and desires. We keep some products from Steel's product range in stock - the remaining products can be ordered, resulting in a delivery time of 6-8 weeks. Please contact our sales team to check whether your desired product is in stock.

This package includes:
• 1 module with refrigerator
• 1 gas grill
• 1 module with sinks
• 1 storage module

Total width of the entire module package: front 340 cm
Depth of modules 60 cm
Height from the ground to the countertop 90 cm
Dimensions of each module can be found in the specifications and installation plans below

The modules can be placed in any order and the picture is simply for inspiration.

Specifications for the module package:
• Modular system - Module with fridge 70 cm More info
• Modular system – Gas grill 90 cm More info
• Modular system – Module with sinks 90 cm More info
• Modular system – Storage module 90 cm More info

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