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Myoutdoorkitchen - Freestanding outdoor kitchen - The Louisiana

Louisiana is a stylish outdoor kitchen of absolute top class. The package includes everything you might need for the best use of your outdoor kitchen: a freestanding gas grill with 6 burners, a side burner and infrared heating, a unique module with a built-in Kamado grill, a fridge with double doors, a sink with useful storage space and a storage module with 4 drawers. A package for anyone who wants an outdoor kitchen that offers everything!

NOTE! Avoid igniting the grill with lighter fluid, as this will cause damage to the grill and also leaves an unpleasant taste on your food. To remove the lighter fluid from the grill, you need to put it on a high temperature for a few hours, without having anything on the grill. Instead, use our chimney starter, which is environmentally friendly and does not affect the taste of what you grill. Also, always use charcoal when you grill - not briquettes!
After the first use, the lacquered surface gets a crackled appearance. It´s normal and does not affect the barbecue's performance.

Package Deal!
You will always get att least 10% off when buying a package instead of modules separately.

This package includes:
• 3 freestanding modules
• 1 freestanding grill
• 1 Kamado grill

Module package specifications:
• Freestanding module Kamado grill Medio Read more
• Freestanding module with 4 drawers Read more
• Freestanding gas grill with 6 burners, side burner and infrared heating Read more
• Freestanding module with sink and storage drawers Read more
• Freestanding module fridge with double doors Read more

Total width of the complete package: 573.6 cm
Depth of modules 58 cm (handles not included)
Height from ground to bench top of module: 90 cm (wheels included)
Dimensions for each module can be found in the images below

The modules can be placed in any order. The image is only a source for inspiration.

Accessories included with the purchase of a Kamado:

Pizza stone: Use it to make homemade pizza or to bake bread. The pizza stone will darken in colour and get stained over time, as it is being used. This is normal and does not affect the stone in any way. Do not soak the stone in water or other fluids and do not put it in the dishwasher. Instead, clean it using a brush.

Pizza spatula: For easy placing and removal of the pizza or bread from the grill.

Cast iron grill: For maximum grill flavour and perfect grill marks. Ensures that food gets cooked faster because it absorbs more heat than a standard grill.

Grill grate tongs: A useful tool for moving the grill grate without getting burnt or dirty.

Cleaning tools: Remove caked-on food, residuals and grease from the grill grates using the steel brush, then use the scraper at the top of the tool to reach and clean in between the grates.

Ash rake: For easy clearing out of charcoal ash from your Kamado.

Chimney starter: Never use lighting fluid in your Kamado, as this can damage the grill. When using a chimney starter there is no need for lighting fluid, which otherwise may leave an unpleasant taste to your food and also damage your Kamado grill.

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