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Steel - Free-standing outdoor kitchen - Sorrento

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Steel - Free-standing outdoor kitchen - Sorrento

Elegant outdoor kitchen from Italian Steel, constructed entirely of stainless steel, with a timeless yet trendy design. A more compact outdoor kitchen with features and components that are designed to withstand a lot of use and gourmet cooking in the garden. Robust outdoor kitchen, made of stainless steel with matte black details that exude an exclusive vibe. Our Sorrento package contains a modern and robust stainless steel gas grill with three burners, a sink unit with storage space and a module with three slide-out drawers. - Invest in a high-quality outdoor kitchen, constructed entirely of stainless steel and designed for year-round cooking!

The Sorrento package offers a simple and complete solution for a compact outdoor kitchen. The straight-shaped package allows for plenty of placement options for your outdoor kitchen. It works well in both small and spacious settings, so you can create your very own oasis in your garden, on the patio or other outdoor space.

Italian Steel has been producing highly-popular outdoor kitchens for the world market since 1922. Robust, dynamic and detailed are three words that best describe Steel’s product manufacturing. Steel’s wide range offers something for every home.

Every product made by Steel is unique and customised to your specific needs and preferences. We keep some products from Steel’s range in stock. Others can be ordered and will be delivered within 6-8 weeks. Please contact our sales team to find out if the product you are looking for is in stock.

This package includes:

• 1 gas grill with 3 burners
• 1 module with a sink unit and storage
• 1 storage module with 3 drawers (1 push-to-open) and with soft-close guides


Width of the entire module package: front 210 cm
Depth of modules 60 cm
Height from ground to worktop on modules 90 cm

See the specifications and installation plans below for dimensions of each module.

Specifications for the module package:

• Modular system – Gas grill 70 cm More info
• Modular system – Module with sinks 70 cm More info
• Modular system – Storage module 70 cm More info

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