Building an outdoor kitchen -

Building an outdoor kitchen

Grilled is best

There is much to consider and think about when you are building an outdoor kitchen. Whether you are building the kitchen from scratch, or selecting mobile modular solutions, we have some tips and tricks that we would like to share with you! If you have additional questions or concerns, do not hesitate to get in touch with our customer service. We can help you, both on the phone and by email.

Outdoor kitchen – what should I think about?

Built-in outdoor kitchen ''The Texas''
Right placement of an outdoor kitchen

Once you have decided to build an outdoor kitchen, the next question is: where should it be placed? Of course, the answer is up to you and where you think it fits best, but it might be smart to place the outdoor kitchen adjacent to or near the house. Placing an outdoor kitchen adjacent to your house makes it easier with, for example, access to electricity and water. If you place your outdoor kitchen near the house, it is often more protected from unwanted elements. Another tip is to place the outdoor kitchen next to a greenhouse. In addition to shelter, you then also have your own grown produce close at hand!

Protect your outdoor kitchen

An outdoor kitchen is often outdoors in all weathers. Having a roof over the outdoor kitchen is a good tip as it reduces maintenance and allows you to use the kitchen even when the weather is not at its best. Be careful, however, not to place the grill too close to the ceiling, as it will easily become blackened. If your outdoor kitchen is not under a roof, we recommend that you cover and protect it when not in use. This reduces maintenance and increases its lifespan.

Running water in your outdoor kitchen

Running water is not required in an outdoor kitchen, but it's very nice to have it available. If you are unable to access both the hot and cold water for your outdoor kitchen, a simple solution is to install a sink, connect the garden hose and put a bucket underneath. Keep in mind that it might be good to have the ability to turn off the water during the winter.

Freestanding grill with LED lighting

Electricity in your outdoor kitchen

Having access to electricity in your outdoor kitchen is very nice. It allows you to install a fridge next to the kitchen, you can use various kitchen appliances and you can install lighting. To have easy access to electricity, it is advantageous to place the outdoor kitchen adjacent to the house.

Outdoor kitchen - which material should I go for?

Stainless door

The basis of your outdoor kitchen may for example be constructed in wood, aluminum, concrete, stone or mortar. The material you choose is up to you - customize your dream kitchen just the way you want it! Maybe you want the materials to match the house's design, or you might want the outdoor kitchen to blend into the garden in a natural way. No matter what material you go for, it might be good to have the placement of the kitchen in mind. If the outdoor kitchen will be unprotected without a roof, choose a material that fits.

It is also important to consider that the products you put in your outdoor kitchen are made of durable materials that can withstand everything. We only offer products that are made of 304 SS Steel for this reason. This is a durable steel which is specifically adapted for use outdoors.


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