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We have outdoor kitchens and summer kitchens for all occasions! At Myoutdoorkitchen.co.uk you will find everything you need when planning an outdoor kitchen. Choose between a traditional, exclusive or modern outdoor kitchen in stainless or black design. We offer a wide selection of high quality outdoor kitchen products ready to be installed or build it yourself in your own outdoor area. We will guide you through the jungle of free-standing outdoor kitchens, stand-alone modules and built-in outdoor kitchens.

In addition to the classic outdoor kitchen with a grill, you will also find practical accessories such as side burners, pizza ovens, teppanyaki grills and Kamado grills that make outdoor cooking something very special. A fully equipped garden kitchen makes it easy to become the bbq chef you always dreamed of and to enjoy wonderful cooking by the grill all year long. Create memorable moments by entertaining grill parties with family and friends in your garden.
If you have a special request, can not find the right solution, or are interested in a tailor-made outdoor kitchen for your bbq area, you can always use our customised 3D tool to build up your kitchen. Contact us for more details - we are always happy to help!


Myoutdoorkitchen - Black Collection - Free-standing outdoor kitchens

New! Black Collection from Myoutdoorkitchen offers exclusive outdoor kitchens with a stylish and attractive black finish. High-quality outdoor kitchens made of stainless steel -304, for year-round outdoor cooking!

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Myoutdoorkitchen - Inox Range - Free-standing outdoor kitchens

Versatile free-standing outdoor kitchens in all sizes! Inox Range combines an outdoor kitchen’s classic functions with smart details and a tasteful design. All modules in this outdoor kitchen collection are made of stainless steel and can freely be combined with one another. Practical and stylish!

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Myoutdoorkitchen - Nordic Line - Free-standing outdoor kitchens

Nordic Line from Myoutdoorkitchen - a flexible modular series that lets you add, move and adapt optional functions as you wish. With optional base module and frame, you can choose and combine everything from gas grill, charcoal grill, sink and chopping board in the same module. Nordic Line - offers the possibility to create a personal modular kitchen for just your outdoor space!

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Skeldervik - Free-standing outdoor kitchen

Skeldervik - True Swedish craftsmanship, beautifully defined by clean Scandinavian lines and outstanding quality. The outdoor kitchen is crafted from durable and resistant high-alloy stainless steel made from Swedish iron ore, with all parts assembled by hand. This outdoor kitchen with its solid, timeless design will bring you year-round enjoyment for years to come.

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Myoutdoorkitchen - Free-standing outdoor kitchens

Uniform free-standing outdoor kitchens in a stainless finish from myoutdoorkitchen. We have packages suitable for everyone; choose from different combinations of sizes and shapes to find the one that suits you best. The module can be placed in the environment of your choice, to create an incredibly cosy oasis. Make the cooking process much more fun. Treat yourself to an outdoor kitchen of the best quality!

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Wood fired pizza ovens

Now you can have your own classic firewood baked pizza prepared in a modern way. Our pizza ovens are unique and made of 100% stainless steel. We provide pizza ovens in various sizes and designs - something for different occasions and every home!

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Indu+ - Mobile outdoor kitchen modules

Indu+ is a Belgian manufacturer of mobile outdoor kitchens that maximise the sensation of freedom that comes with cooking in the open air. Versatile and free-standing units that are easy to place and combine to optimise your cooking experience in your garden, on your patio or other outdoor space.

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Bull - Free-standing outdoor kitchens

BULL is an American company that manufactures superior-quality outdoor kitchens, designed to meet all market requirements and standards. Bull’s outdoor kitchens are CSA and CE certified and come with a lifetime warranty! There’s a choice of three unique outdoor kitchens in a range of materials and sizes, or you may even want to design your own? Bull offers a variety of colour and material options to choose from to suit your wants and needs. Please contact our customer service team for more information - let us help you design your American dream kitchen!

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