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Myoutdoorkitchen - Kamado Grande Green

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Myoutdoorkitchen - Kamado Grande

Our largest model and the best choice if you enjoy having friends over for a grill party. Here you have the opportunity to offer your guests the best grilling experience! Make an impression by serving smoked meat, or why not make a homemade pizza?

NOTE! Avoid igniting the grill with lighter fluid, as this will cause damage to the grill and also leaves an unpleasant taste on your food. To remove the lighter fluid from the grill, you need to put it on a high temperature for a few hours, without having anything on the grill. Instead, use a chimney starter, which is environmentally friendly and does not affect the taste of what you grill. Also, always use charcoal when you grill - not briquettes!
After the first use, the lacquered surface gets a crackled appearance. It´s normal and does not affect the barbecue's performance.

Product specifications:

• Cart with wheels included
• Thermometer for easy reading of the temperature
• Cast iron vent in the hood, making it easy to control the temperature in the Kamado
• Bottom draft vent in stainless steel, which also makes it easy to remove ash using an ash rake
• Grill surface: 52 cm diameter
• Height (including cart): 122 cm
• Weight: 101 kg

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