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Versatile free-standing outdoor kitchens in all sizes! Inox Range combines an outdoor kitchen’s classic functions with smart details and a tasteful design. All modules in this outdoor kitchen collection are made of stainless steel and can freely be combined with one another. Practical and stylish!

Myoutdoorkitchen - Inox Range - Free-standing outdoor kitchen - Ontario

Top-quality, elegant, straight line outdoor kitchen with virtually all the functions that your indoor kitchen has. In addition to the gas grill with rotisserie and handy bottle opener on the front, the Ontario outdoor kitchen includes a refrigerator, sink module and double side burner. All modules are crafted from stainless steel and can be combined as you like to suit your needs.

- Stylish stainless steel finish
- Included: 4 products
- Straight form

- Width of the entire module package: 373.8 cm

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Myoutdoorkitchen - Inox Range - Free-standing outdoor kitchen - Superior

Superior is a fully-equipped, exclusive outdoor kitchen with a straight line layout and a clean stainless steel design. Enjoy cooking in all kinds of ways: grill meat and vegetables on the gas grill, boil and fry side dishes on the side burner, and bake your favourite pizzas in the pizza oven!

- Stylish stainless steel finish
- Included: 6 products
- Straight form

- Width of the entire module package: 525.2 cm

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Myoutdoorkitchen - Inox Range - Module with pizza oven

Free-standing module with wood-fired pizza oven in stainless steel. Use your outdoor kitchen for more than just grilling - invest in a pizza oven and enjoy cooking and working with fire in a new and exciting way. Spoil family and friends with delectable wood-fired pizzas straight from your pizza oven. To make your pizza-baking experience even more pleasurable, the oven comes with a pizza peel, pizza slicer and cleaning brush, which can be attached to the right or left side of the grill.

- Wood-fired pizza oven
- Grill surface: 60 x 53.5 cm
- Pizza peel, pizza slicer and cleaning brush are included - Stainless steel
- 2 storage cabinets

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Myoutdoorkitchen - Inox Range - Module with sink unit

Practical free-standing module with sink unit and storage cabinet. The sink module matches all other Inox Range modules and is crafted from stainless steel. The sink is a generous size with a cold water connection so you can rinse vegetables and wash your hands. The two storage cabinets below the sink have room for a waste bin, plates, kitchen utensils and more. The integrated bottle opener on the front is a small but appreciated feature that is so handy when you want to quench your thirst right away.

- Design in stainless steel
- Module with sink and storage cabinet
- Extra workspace

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Myoutdoorkitchen - Inox Range - Drawer module

Free-standing module with 3 stainless steel slide-out drawers. Dry ingredients can be stored in this module which has an excellent worktop that provides extra space when preparing food. Mounted on wheels it is easy to move and can be added to other Inox Range modules. A practical add-on to any outdoor kitchen!

- Drawer module
- 3 large drawers
- Extra workspace
- Design in stainless steel

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Myoutdoorkitchen - Inox Range - Module with side burner

Invest in a side burner and cook all your sides and sauces outdoors while you’re grilling the main dish! The stainless steel side burner from Inox Range has 2 highly efficient burners that let you cook and fry foods simultaneously at different temperatures.

- Stainless steel finish
- Double side burner
- You can cook or fry delicious side dishes

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Myoutdoorkitchen - Inox Range - Refrigerator module

Food and drink always close at hand! The free-standing refrigerator module has a generous worktop where you can prepare meals. The refrigerator has a capacity of 145 litres and its temperature can be set between 0-10°C. The door is made from three layers of tempered glass which means the refrigerator can stand outdoors at low temperatures. Not only is the refrigerator a practical feature in your outdoor kitchen, its LED lighting adds a touch of magic to the evening.

- Refrigerator module 145 L
- Adjustable temperature (0-10°C)
- Stainless steel finish
- Blue LED lighting

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Myoutdoorkitchen - Inox Range - Corner module 90°

Free-standing 90-degree corner module with a simple and elegant stainless steel design. Transform an outdoor space into an open and inviting cooking area at an L-shaped angle where you and your guests have plenty of room to create delicious grilled meals together. Combine the corner module with other Inox Range modules to get the outdoor kitchen you’ve always dreamed of having.

- Corner module. 90° angle
- Combine with other modules
- Adds to the stylish look of your outdoor kitchen

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Myoutdoorkitchen - Inox Range - Free-standing gas grill with 4 burners and infrared system

Robust stainless steel gas grill. The free-standing grill has 4 highly efficient gas burners and 1 infrared burner with 5 knobs for temperature control. The gas grill is equipped with a cooking grate, a warming rack and a stainless steel grease drip tray that takes the work out of cooking and cleaning. The handle and the double-wall lid with an integrated thermometer are crafted from stainless steel too. One of the standout features of the grill is the rotisserie. The spit rotates slowly over the grill to produce perfect vegetables and juicy steaks.

- 4 gas burners and infrared burner
- Stainless steel
- Rotisserie included

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