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Myoutdoorkitchen - Module wood-fired pizza oven - Naples

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Module wood-fired pizza oven - Naples

Naples is a free-standing, wood-fired pizza oven constructed of finest quality stainless steel with a stylish design. The oven reaches 350°C in 10 minutes and can reach 500°C in just half an hour. Once the oven has reached the temperature required, its double shell structure helps retain the heat until everyone has arrived for dinner. With this pizza oven, it’s a sheer delight to cater to the varying tastes and preferences of your guests. Try different combinations and ingredients to make perfect pizzas, quiches and delicious bread, guaranteed to set your taste buds dancing.

Naples - a free-standing pizza oven from Myoutdoorkitchen. The oven is easy to install and can be placed anywhere in your garden or outdoor space. Can also be combined with other modules to create a fully-equipped outdoor kitchen. A pizza oven that will definitely unlock your culinary potential!

Perhaps you’re looking for a pizza peel? A pizza peel is handy when baking pizzas and bread in your pizza oven or barbecue.

Product specifications:

• 100% Stainless steel 304
• Fuel: Wood
• Free-standing
• Stands on 4 wheels, 2 of which can be locked
• Grill surface: 400 x 705 mm
• Cabinet - excellent wood storage
• Reaches 350°C in 10 minutes
• Reaches 500°C in 30 minutes
• Outstanding heat retention
• Food is cooked on 30 mm thick fireproof brick
• Thermometer included
• Wooden handle on oven door
• Tall stainless steel chimney included
• Incredibly robust and sturdy pizza oven
• Protective cover included
• Dimensions: (Width x Height x Depth) 78.6 x 193 x 58 cm
• Dimensions pizza oven (Width x Height x Depth ) 51.7 x 26 x 48.6 cm
• Weight: 64 kg

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