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Myoutdoorkitchen - Nordic Line - Free-standing outdoor kitchen - Helsinki (Black)

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Myoutdoorkitchen - Nordic Line - Free-standing outdoor kitchen - Helsinki (Black)

This practical and convenient modular kitchen with a sleek black finish is fitted with multiple useful features. This easy-to-place, straight-shaped al fresco kitchen with its clean Scandinavian lines and unique details lets culinary creativity shine. Helsinki includes a refrigerator for storing food and drinks, a storage cabinet, integrated gas grill with 5 burners, a side burner, chopping board with storage drawer and a handy sink module. A free-standing outdoor kitchen with a clean design - ideal if you enjoy variety in styles of cooking!

Crafted from stainless steel with a solid and sleek black appearance, Helsinki has a straight-line layout and a Nordic minimalist design. Its large, open worktop is the perfect space for preparing, cooking and serving meals directly from your outdoor kitchen. The shelves beneath provide good storage and there is space for your gas cylinders behind the doors below the grill. This modern and versatile outdoor kitchen is easy to position anywhere in your garden!

The Nordic Line range from Myoutdoorkitchen distinguishes itself by its versatile construction and Nordic design. Nordic Line allows you to add, combine and extend with a choice of modules and features in the way you want.

Choose the style that suits you - Nordic Line is available in two designs, black and stainless steel.

This package includes:
• 1 free-standing basic module with doors
• 1 free-standing frame
• 1 free-standing refrigerator
• 4 modules that can be integrated

Module package specifications:
• Free-standing refrigerator More info
• Free-standing base module 120 cm with doors More info
• Free-standing frame 180 cm More info
• Integrated module with gas grill with 5 burners More info
• Integrated module with side burner More info
• Integrated module with chopping board & storage drawer More info
• Integrated module with sink More info

Width of the entire module package is 360 cm
Depth of modules is 60 cm (not including handles)
Height from ground to worktop on modules is 95 cm (including feet)

The modules can be placed in any order and the picture is simply for inspiration.

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